According to the Ecuadorean Secretariat of Water (SENAGUA), the Sumack Sacha’s “Aqua Luna” acquifer has among the highest water production rate for any landmass in the region. Bottle this natural resource will provide local jobs, allow local access to clean, pure bottled water, and generate income from international export and local consumption.


Rainforest Resources was granted a concession on December 10, 2020 by the Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador (MAWE Res. No2018-090) for the capture and use of up to 1.2 liters/sec of the Sumack Sacha water.

The water catchment site is located in Tungurahua Province, Ambato Canton, in the Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve. Its source is the ice melt from the glaciers encompassing the peak of the Chimborazo Volcano, the largest mountain in Ecuador also considered the closest point on Earth to the Sun.

The company began the design process for the catchment site infrastructure and teh associated 4,800 square meter bottling plant in December 2020. The company projects the budget for the plant and infrastructure at US$4M, with operations to begin at the end of Q3, 2021. The plant’s capacity is targeted at 10,000 bottles per hour.


Throughout our efforts and activies we will achieve the following goals:

- Expand coffee-farming operations in a sustainable, community-involved manner while growing local employment opportunities.
- Build out the water bottling plant and associated employment opportunities for domestic consumption and international export.
- Negotiate the sale of available carbon credits to appropriate entities while working to develop new local and regional opportunities for carbon sequestration.
- Pursue additional strategic land acquisitions throughout Ecuador and the world where economically feasible.
- Research and explore new farming, aquaculture, silviculture,and other techniques for future implementation and integration with company projects