“Aqua Luna” Bottling Project

The “Aqua Luna” Mineral Water Bottling Plant project will be developed in the Province of
Tungurahua, Ambato canton, Santa Rosa sector and will have a construction area of 4,800 m2 where
the automated bottling machinery and the maneuvering yard for the bottling process will be
According to the work schedule, construction works will begin in May after the corresponding
architectural and civil designs are approved by the company and the municipal authorities.
The plant is aimed at bottling mineral water from the spring given in concession called Agua Luna,
named given by the company, which meets the higher quality standards for human consumption as
it is enriched with natural minerals from the Chimborazo volcano, which is the highest volcano in
the world, considered from the center of the Earth. Rainforest has the concession to use 1.2 l/s for
a period of ten years, which could be extended to 25 years.
The construction will take approximately 5.5 months and the plant is expected to be fully
operational by the end of September 2021.
As part of social and environmental responsibility, the company, in the operational phase, will hire
women from the sector because the project aims not only to bring development to the area but to
be a role model for other industries on gender diversity.
Within the framework of social responsibility, the company will comply with 5 of the sustainable
development objectives of the United Nations, which implies:
1 End of poverty; the company will hire inhabitants of the deprived community within the area of
influence, to be part of the operations.
5 Gender equality; 60% of the company’s labor force will be composed by women from the
community in the project’s area of influence.
8: Decent work and economic growth; the company will comply with all the labor regulations
established in Ecuador for dignified work and will bring a new industry to the Ambato sector, giving
a strong impulse for economic development of this region.
10 Reduction of inequalities; Indigenous communities will be the driving force for the development
of this project, supporting them with work and the creation of a trust with seed funds to be used to
provide these deprived communities with productive enterprises to improve their standard of living.
13 Climate action; The trust that will be created also intends to provide support to the Chimborazo
Wildlife Reserve to help them mitigate the degradation of the paramo, which is an important source
of water storage and which is currently at high risk due to the livestock activities that are developed;
the protection of the Luna water source and its recharge area during the operation of the plant will
be the company’s priority commitment. or sit amet.