Rainforest Resources Announces Improvements in Technical Team

RAINFOREST continues to grow, in our plan for the protection for the Ukumari Forest we
continue with biological investigations that increase our knowledge of the native species that
inhabit the forest, this will strengthen the actions proposed for conservation within the
Validation process with the German auditor TUV (Last step validation Verified Carbon Standard).
Under the direction of the Ecologist Adriana Flachier, recognized specialist in ecosystems
management in Ecuador, the Biologist Cristina Flores and the Forestall Engineer Eugenio
Chininin, this new support are incorporated in the biological team of RAINFOREST, who due to
the great diversity of species will support botanical and forestry studies, as well as provide
support in carbon monitoring of the ecosystem.
Furthermore, the Biologist Henrry Garcia, who is a specialist in Ornithology and a doctoral
student at the University of Vienna for the identification and inventory of bird species, is
incorporated into this team, birds being one of the riches that this Forest has.
In the coming months, Mastofauna and Herpetofauna specialists will join, completing the team
that will make it possible to publicize the wonders that the Ukumari forest hides, strengthening
our fight for the conservation of ecosystems and thus contributing to greater carbon retention.
These investigations will allow us to increase our knowledge and be able to better carry out the
restoration and reforestation tasks of those areas that have been deforested, generating greater
carbon capture, contributing to the mitigation of climate change, and contributing with these
actions to have a better world.