Rainforest del Ecuador to Start Construction of the «AQUA LUNA Bottling Plant

Rainforest del Ecuador, having obtained its concession for the capture and use of mineral water
on December 10, 2020, is now drafting the final designs for its 4800 square meter Aqua Luna
mineral water bottling plant, construction of which will begin in March 2021. Utilizing bottle
filling machinery from the US company Aqua Vita, the bottling plant will have a capacity to
produce 10,000 bottles per hour. Bottled water production is slated to start in September 2021.
This unique mineral water is being sourced from the icecap of the Chimborazo Volcano, the
highest volcano in the world if the distance from the center of the earth is taken into consideration.
The glacial meltwaters that flow from this peak are naturally filtered and recharge an aquifer under
the high páramo grasslands surrounding the volcano. This, then is also the point on Earth closest
to the moon, hence the name given to this very special mineral water… Aqua Luna.
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