RRIF Announces Sumaksacha Tropical Forest Project Development

RAINFOREST RESOURCES INC announces that its subsidiary Rainforest del Ecuador is currently
conforming the technical team that will carry out the development of the SUMAKSACHA project
with 11,370 hectares of forest, this project will be submitted to VERRA towards the issuance of
tradable VCU’s (verified carbon units) in their VCS Program (Verified Carbon Standard program),
the world’s largest and leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission
reduction projects (https://verra.org).
This new technical team from Rainforest Ecuador will be responsible for project planning and
field data collection and will carry out the extremely rigorous and highly technical work of
applying VERRA-approved methodologies for calculating avoided deforestation carbon units.
This new project, like the previous one, will follow the strict standards, rules, and requirements
of VERRA’s VCS and CCB programs. VERRAS’ CCB program (CCB = Climate, Community and
Biodiversity) is the world’s leading framework for evaluating land management projects that
create positive net benefits for climate change mitigation, local communities and biodiversity.